Team USA Socks! – 2014

March 17, 2014

In USA mounted games, socks are a key team garment. They usually come up to the bottom of the riders knees and can be as wild as the team chooses. Some riders miss match their socks, wearing different prints on each leg. Some teams like a conservative solid color.

The MGAA team that will be traveling to Ireland next month needed some socks to complete their team outfit. Those socks arrived in the mail today!


USA USA USA – 2014

February 9, 2014

Cheering “USA USA USA WOO!” loudly, and throwing my fists into the air while sporting Stars and Stripes apparel, that’s how I couch surf the Olympics.

The only non horse sport I have ever participated in throughout my life was swimming for two years for my high school. I never played soccer, or enjoyed running, I suck majorly at riding a bike, and other than sledding down the neighbors hill as a kid, the only snow sport I have tried involved a shovel, the driveway, and freeing my truck.

But I am 100% enthusiastic about international competition and I love my country.

Its fantastic to see people with different political ideas, economic standings and ways of life, coming together to cheer their country on.

As a competitor who has ridden for my country on numerous occasions, there is no feeling quite like representing your country. They work hard and they are there representing us! They deserve our support.

So, I’ll put my patriotic hoodie on and chant “USA” all Olympics long. Even if I have no idea what a good run really looks like, or if our guy (or gal) falls, “Hell Yea USA!”


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