Doukenie Winery Fall Scrimmage

This is a photo my friend Jenn took of me and Simon at the winery last year.

October 26, 2012

Last Saturday I took part in a demo scrimmage at the Doukenie Winery in Hillsboro, Virginia during their Harvest Festival.  Our group has done a demo scrimmage at the winery in the spring and fall for the past few years and it is one of my favorite events to attend.  Its laid back and fun with no pressure and sometimes the crowd will get rowdy and cheer.  My longtime friend Val and her husband Jon (also a longtime friend) host the event.  This time Val was two weeks shy of her baby due date.  I wasn’t sure if she was amazing or insane for hosting a games event so close to her first baby’s arrival.  Turns out, she is amazing.

This time around only one other team attended, but it was still a really good time.  Team Old School rode as our usual four rider team, and the other team, Hit and Run, was a conglomeration of some of our favorite riders.  Lots of fun.  We rode two sessions with a nice leisurely lunch break in the middle that gave everyone the opportunity to check out the winery, and have a glass of wine.  Some of us rode through the winery festival, letting people pet our ponies, give them treats and take photos of them.

The winery and its patrons are great like that, and really embrace the ponies.  The facility is also gorgeously amazing.  The leaves were changing and the grass was still crisp and green.  If you are in the Hillsboro, Virginia area and like wineries, it’s certainly one you might want to check out.  The wine is also fantastic.  I like the Mandolin which is described by the winery as, “This very fruity blend of Traminette and Vidal has Citrus, Orange, and Litchi flavors. It is a very Exotic blend that will always be a success on the table to share with friends. The low residual sugar gives a very nice round feeling. It has a long fruity finish.”

We didn’t realize anyone was even keeping score, but in the end, our teams finish one point apart, which is just really cool.  Riding with closely matched teams makes playing so much more fun.

We also didn’t have a photographer for the day, so I don’t have any photos to go with this post.  Seems a little weird to write a blog post with no photos, but here ya go anyway.

2012 Shendoah Fair Demo

Tina on her excited pony
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography

This past Saturday, September the 1st, Blue Ridge Games hosted a demo competition as part of the Shenandoah County Fair.  We  had 12 riders take part as the equestrian entertainment on the last day of the fair. 

We ran two lengthy heats, of three lanes, in pairs format, in a fun demo scrimmage competition.  We did not keep score and allowed each pair to get in a good practice while riding in a competition format.  It was a lot of fun and we were privileged to have some spectators that showed interest and cheered riders on. 
They were doing an auction, just out of sight at the far end of the ring, which was quite scary to some of the ponies, and Simon was no exception.  I think he was particularly itchy that day, and was shedding his short summer coat pretty heavily.  He leaped along, rather than canter or gallop, and acted rather irritated in the same fashion he did when I clipped his hair off last winter.  A bit of a challenge between his irritation and all the things to look at, we still had a good time and a good practice. 

Simon and I in Two Flag Race
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography

 Simon and I were paired with our usual teammate, Kim and her pony Gwen, and as always, Kim and I had a great time riding together.  Kim is laid back and very go with the flow.  She is excessively supportive, and is full of positive encouraging enthusiasm for everyone.  She is a joy to ride with and I am always happy to be her partner.  Kim rides with a smile on her face which is usually contagious.

Carol Ann on her pony Finn in Bottle Shuttle Race
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography

 Kim and I rode in the same heat as some of our new games friends, Tina, Tory and Mason, who are still solidifying all the rules and races, and this was their first competition.  They were fun to ride with and I think we all had a great time.  Linda Refereed the heat and I really liked her starts and control of the field. 

Simon and I in Litter Race
He is not paying attention at all!
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography

 The other heat consisted of our usual teammates, Linda and Carol Ann, along with a former teammate of mine from years ago when I rode on team Fast Forward, Izzy, and friends Nina, Gen (who is the photographer of a lot of the amazing photos on this website) and Tommy.  Their heat was much faster paced and really fun for me to referee. 

Kim smiling as usual, on Gwen
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography

 After the riding was complete, everyone helped pack up the equipment and selected a fun prize.  A few of us took a hike through the fairgrounds, taking a moment to watch some of the rodeo, checked out some of the exhibits and share a cinnamon funnel cake.  Which consequently, is way better than a regular funnel cake.  Totally recommended. 


Mason, showing some hoof on his pony!
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography

A good afternoon, with games, friends and funnel cake!  What more could you ask for? 

Tori dunking her Litter with Izzy in the background
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography


Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography

I love the mountains in the background
Photo: Genevieve of EquiStar Photography

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