Getting the Skunk Out

The professional de-skunk product I poured on the blanket, and following the instructions, allowed to evaporate, did make a big difference.  But Simon’s blanket still smelled strongly of skunk.  A friend recommended a recipe, which also turned up repeatedly on internet searches, so I decided to give it a try. 

I filled a bucket half way with warm water and then added in two large bottles of hydrogen peroxide, half a large box of baking soda and about 2 tablespoons worth of Dawn dish soap, stirred it around and watched it fizz up some.  Then I put the blanket in my bathtub.  Next I poured a third of the mix onto the blanket and scrubbed it around some.  Then I left it sit for about twenty minutes.  Next I squirted it off and repeated the process two more times until I was out of mix. 

After I had scrubbed and soaked it a few times I put it in the wash machine and let it run through two cycles to get all the soap, baking soda and peroxide out.  The next morning I stuck my head in the wash machine and did not smell skunk.  Woo!  But when I pulled it out I did.  Boo. 

I went back to the store and restocked on ingredients.  Then I placed the blanket back in the bathtub and filled it with a few inches of warm water.  Then I filled a bucket half way with warm water and added in 3 large bottles of peroxide, a massive box of baking soda and a few very generous squirts of Dawn dish soap.  I mixed it up and then poured it onto the blanket, scrubbed it around some and then left it sit for about a half hour. 

I ran it through two more wash cycles in the machine and pulled it out and did not smell skunk until I put my nose up to the blanket.  So I filled the washing machine with hot water, poured in one bottle of peroxide, about a cup of baking soda and a swirl of Dawn and then let the blanket soak in there for an hour before I closed the lid and let it run. 

I eventually pulled it back out, sprayed it with water proofer and stuck it in the dryer to bake in the water proofer.  I am done.  It still has a little smell, but then so does Simon.  And they are just going to have to wear it off each other. 

The homemade solution worked really well, and was incredibly cheaper than the special cleaning agent I used initially.  I would certainly use it again.

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