Games Practice 02/11/18

February, 11, 2018

Two days ago we had a practice and it was freezing. Today we had a practice and it was nice and warm! Both were fun, but I got to say the warmer temperatures were nicer to the joints.

Today’s practice included three of us from Team Gone Rogue; myself, Val, And Jon, and our friend Zoe on her brand new pony Dice. This was Zoe’s second ride on Dice, and his first time playing games. I think Zoe picked a good one. He hardly batted an eye at anything and he seemed pleased to trot on through everything. I believe I caught his very first race, Twitter, and his second, mug shuffle in the compilation video.

We rocked through quite a few races, trying to hit ones today we didn’t get to on Friday. And since it was warm, we ran through quoits a few times. For me I worked on my leaning in quoits, more for my leaning in general than to actually get the ring out of the bucket in competition. I am very happy with myself for touching the top of the bucket, go me! Val of course was whipping around, grabbing a hoop and in most runs (except the one in the video) slapping that ring over the cone. And Jon, his stirrup is so fast. He certainly challenges a vaulter with this skill.

About half way through practice one of the long horns came running into the indoor and started to toss a trash can around. Jon ran over and closed the gates to our section just before another one ran in. Turns out the cows had gotten loose. We called up to the house and they had them rounded us and back in the field quickly but there was a lot of mooing going on for a while. It made for a rather exciting mid practice break.

Video compilation from practice!

Matt’s Bday Games Practice 2018

February 9, 2018

This morning four of the Team Rogue riders got together in Berryville, VA for practice in honor of Matt’s bday! This was Averi’s very first practice with us and I think she enjoyed it even though we started off early. Early means cold! We all pulled a “Michael Jackson” and rode with one glove (you need the right hand free for equipment handling).

It was a really good practice. We busted through a good array of races including hi low, ball and cone (yep we did it), hoopla, 3 mug, litter, sword, 4 flag, flag fliers, mug shuffle, association, bottle, pony pairs and I am sure a few others. Pony pairs was particularly nice to be able to run through since we had four of us there.

Matt’s pony, Hero was fresh from having some dental work yesterday and seemed to settle down on his head tossing as the practice went along. I worked on pushing Poe up to equipment and not over checking, and we worked on a turn for Babyface. I think Cider was just happy to be out and enjoying himself.

What do the rest of you people in your 30s (ish) do for your birthdays?

Below are some photos of us practicing our “smoldering selfies” which Val recently read about and is instructing is in to jokingly help us all stay young. We are having a lot of fun with it. Clearly we did not follow the instructions with our group selfie. The angle is all wrong.

Be a Unicorn

I recently heard this quote;

Always be yourself.

Unless you can be a Unicorn.

Then always be a Unicorn.

It got a big smile out of me.

Trail Report: Cub Run – Runkles Gap, Early Morning Ride

Trail Report: August 26, 2012

Cub Run at Runkles Gap. 

I parked at the entrance by the National Forest sign on one of the pull overs. 

I was in a bit of a time pinch on Sunday but wanted to get in a ride so I decided tohit up this tried and true ride, nothing fancy, but pretty close to home and I knew what to expect.  I decided to keep it as simple as possible and I stuck to the fire road, heading straight up to the top and back. 

It was raining lightly when I headed out and we made good time with a forward pace all the way up, with the rain breaking about midway up. 

This is the part of the forest that burned in the spring (I have a blog about it) and it was cool to see the growth coming back. You could also smell ‘camp fire’ lightly when the rain cleared out.

At the end there is a trail known as Batman Trail, which heads up a pretty grueling climb and creates a nice loop back to the parking area.  If you look on googlemaps, there is even a marking called Batman Road in the general vicinity of this trail.  I am not sure of the correlation but I suspect there is one.  Apparently this trail was on old National Forest maps, but was removed at some point.  There are markers at the entrance in the form of metal FS signs banning motorized vehicles, and a berm to enforce this. 

Unfortunately about two years ago the Forest Service closed this trail by downing trees all along it, in a controversial move to prevent it from being used.  There was some heated interaction, some riders got lost in the woods trying to figure out what was going on with this heavily used trail, some finger pointing and accusations, a few meetings between locals and the FS, but in the end, the trail has gone mostly unused. 

This is the end of the fire road and the entrance to Batman Trail.

Sadly this was a heavily used trail, and a very popular riding location in general.  There are also a lot of equestrians who have property that joins the forest in the area as well.  I have seen riders, both local, and trailered in, since the trails closure, but not nearly the numbers it used to attract. 

A shoe with borium on it hanging in a tree towards the beginning of Batman Trail. Notice the color changing in the background. ahhhh, fall is coming.

This Sunday I did not see any riders, although I did see a lot of fresh horse tracks. 

The bottom gate on the fire road was open. About half way up there is a second gate, which was closed. The FR gets a little more rural after that, but is still in excellent condition.

I  wondered around at the top of the fire road and checked out the beginning of Batman, and then headed back down to the trailer, keeping up the same progressive pace. 

Headed back down the fire road, still pretty close to the top of it, and the rain had ended and the sun was out.

Simon seemed content with the face paced and invigorating ride and Daisy was ready to hop in the truck when we got back, and I felt a little tension in my muscles the next day.  It was a good ride. 

Some color coming in.

And there was a little color coming out in some of the trees.  Which makes me excited for fall.  Gosh I love fall.  It’s the best time to get out in the woods and enjoy the colors and the cooler temperatures.

 Some Googlemap Images

My Old Pony Club Bulletin Board

Pony Club rallies require teams to set up a tack room. The tack rooms have to be set to very specific parameters and include specific items, all impeccably clean and labeled. The tack room is inspected by horse management judges and points are given for any infractions found.

When I was in Pony Club one of the items required, and possibly still required, was a bulletin board to pin the schedule to. Most clubs had plain brown bulletin boards, and my club was no exception. Most clubs at the time did not have anything fancy in their tack rooms. A few had bridle or saddle racks painted in club colors, and towards the end of my Pony Club tenure some teams had moved up to matching wooden brush boxes also painted and decorated. But for the most part, decoration was not something many clubs delved into.

One year, my friend and fellow Pony Clubber, Margie, was over at my house to play for the day and we decided to paint our bulletin board. It started out simple with us painting the cork part yellow and the frame part royal blue, in our clubs colors. But it moved on from there and we painted our clubs name across the middle, “Frederick Pony Club” and then our team’s ponies along the bottom. I can’t remember for sure, but I think I had a pony shaped sponge or something to work with.  Or it’s also possible my dad made a stencil for that part.  We also added in some equipment to spice the board up and dun dun dun, we had a custom board.

Recently when I was at my parents house my mom pulled the board out of her basement to show me and I decided to take it home. I think it will be fun to hang up in my sewing room for now and possibly my tack room one day.

Ponies: My pony Berry, Jenny’s pony Jack, Mollie’s pony Tess, Christine’s pony Tease, Margie’s pony Blaze


My pony, Berry, was a strawberry roan with some white spots. Notice my signature to the left of her.

Margie’s pony Blaze, was a perfect chestnut

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