Snow – finally

March 22, 2018

Yesterday we finally got some snow. The first real snow in the past two winters. So I attempted to play with the ponies. It’s been so long I forgot how bad the snow balls up in shoes. So riding Simon sucked. I imagine it was like a horse doing the “big lick” with the wooden block shoes.

I felt like Simon was a good hand taller. The wind picked up and the snow really started to come down hard too and Simon started to get cold so we called it a super quick ride. It was really coming down so I decided I needed to call it quits too and finished my chores and went in.

Today I went out and played with Poe.

We lunged and then did some flat work. Boring but necessary. He is barefoot so no snowball feet. I did not remember to snap any photos of him.

The snow was melting like any spring snow does and will probably be gone by the end of tomorrow. Which is cool. I wish the trails would clear as fast. I would have liked to spend Sunday and Monday riding the mountains. But I don’t think that will happen.

And just a few snaps of the snowy day yesterday.

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