Pony Therapy.

June 5, 2018

Today had me feeling a bit stressed. By the time I was home from work I was feeling like I should either punch something or burst out into tears. Not being much of a puncher or much of a crier I decided I needed to vent my frustration by riding. But I also needed to be productive so I decide to ride the mower and get some grass cut. Unfortunately that just added to my frustration because the mower broke down while I was driving through the gate into an occupied horse field. I. The open gate way.

More winning to add to the day.

So I scrapped that plan and took up some much needed therapy time with Dr Simon. He never fails to help me out.

I put on the most recent The Moth podcast and started tossing on his tack while Simon nibbled on me in search of cookies and attention. I really should have slowed down and groomed him out first. I am not a big groomer usually but his mane and tail are so thick and need regular work which grooming out seems to relax me.

Simon also loves to be groomed. He really does enjoy it more than any pony I have ever had.

It’s dark out while I am typing this but I am tempted to rush back out and groom him now in an attempt to get that relaxing sensation of seeing the brush push the dirt off his coat and the shine come out on his palomino parts. But I suppose since it’s dark I wouldn’t actually see that. I am sure the bugs would eat me up. Which sounds frustrating.

I had him tacked up and I was on his back in about two minutes. I rode around the “pond”, which is completely full, over the fence, up to the top of the pier/roof, and ridiculous again. There is apparently a drain that sticks up by the pier that was previously clogged up but now is unclogged and is gushing water out and preventing the flooding from washing over the hill and flooding my big (and still dry) horse field. So much for a dry-lot.

Then we rode around the corn fields. Simon grabbed a few bites along the way. Daisy bounced along. I laughed at the stories being told on my podcast.

It you have not listened to The Moth you should give it a go. It’s a well produced story slam podcast. There are a couple different people telling well produced and well performed story’s, live, on each episode. Usually each episode has a theme. Sometimes the stories are funny, or emotional, or educational. They often leave a mark or stick in my memory for a while.

I could feel myself relaxing as we went along.

I turned and cut through the bottom of the woods and enjoyed the feel of my fingers on Simon’s mane and the way he was swishing his tail as he walking along, clearly enjoying the stroll.

We turned and went up the driveway and he whinnied to the horses across the street. I smiled as his whole body shook with his greeting. After his whinny he was done with those horses and ready to move on, around the next field and back past the creepy angel statue (a story for another post) and back toward the house.

We detoured around one more corn field since I felt like I needed just a tiny bit more pony time and I really wanted to check on the cherry tree. Not ripe yet.

Good therapy session. Thanks Dr Simon.

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