Games Practice 5/28/18

May 30, 2018

Monday was Memorial Day so some of us had the day off and we decided we needed to get together for a practice before Mid-Atlantic #3. It’s continued to rain on and off so we opted to play it safe and meet at the indoor at Frying Pan Park.

We had a nice group, including Katie and Laura up from Kentucky to try a pony for Laura! What a treat. Heather, Abby, Jon, Jenny, Zoe, Val, and myself also took part.

We set up two lanes and rocked through a good dozen races together. Laura beasted litter, Jenny kicked some handoff butt, Heather and Val had a tuffle with Heather’s pony, Zoe had a mean High Low pick up, Abby was rocking through some mug races, And John gave me such nice hand offs he wasn’t even aware he was chasing Simon down.

Katie and Laura tried out a new pony, Cupcake. She seems like a lovely pony and Laura really seemed to fit her well. I can’t wait to see how they grow together.

It was a good practice and a fun group. I think we all left feeling pumped for MA3.

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