The Dry Lot Flooding

May 23, 2018

The Dry Lot Flooding just keeps getting worse. I checked on it yesterday and it is a legit pond.

These photos were Tuesday night (while it was raining)

It just keeps amazing me.

It was actually not raining today so I got to ride. And of course I rode around the pond and I noticed it’s deeper. It’s over the fence in quiet a few places and actually lapping at the top of the hay shelter (pier) in spots.

I also find it note worthy, look at the ground in the photo above. It’s mostly dry. Not only do we not have mud, the field is actually dry where it’s not completely flooded. Crazy.

This is from the back gate to the field. The hay shelter is to the left. The spring feeding it is ahead to the right.

This is from where the spring is, the hay shelter is straight ahead. This is one of the higher spots in the field. Where Daisy is standing.

Last night the landlord was telling me the middle is probably 7 or 8 feet deep.

So I rode Poe for a while and then I decided to take him for a swim. So I untacked him, put on my Crocks, and in we went.

He is such a brave pony. He did not hesitate at all. He marched on in and right on down. His head did go under, I am not sure if he stepped deeper than he expected, and that threw him off a little. He swam a few strokes and then came out. But we turned around and he marched right back in.

He was so proud of himself. I decided to grab Simon and take him in. Simon really wanted to stand around and splash and “soak”. He swam for a second and seemed to scare himself a bit, and unseated me a little. I was laughing so hard it took me a minute to drag myself straight again.

Poe is certainly braver. Simon would have preferred to have a buddy along.

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