Sunday Hunting

I posted this to my All things Krista blog today and felt it should be included in Blue Ridge Pony


Daisy Dog and I wear high-vis vests in the woods, even on Sundays

Currently there is a bill going through Virginia politics that would open the state to hunting on Sundays, which is currently not permitted.  Many people are opposed to this because Sunday is the only day during a large portion of the year (as you can see on the calendar) that is safe for people to take part in non hunting outdoor activities like hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, horse riding, etc.

I am a very active Virginia trail rider and enjoy spending Sundays in the forest with my dog and my pony.  I sent emails to the pertinent people in regards to this bill politely expressing my concern and was pleased to receive a response from several of them thanking me for my opinion.

The proposed bill to allow Sunday hunting made it through the senate in January.  Today the VA House of Delegates’ bill on Sunday Hunting died in committee by unanimous vote.  Which is great.  But the House still needs to vote down the bill the Senate passed. 

The Virginia Horse council put out this really neat calendar that shows all of the hunting days in Virginia. 

*Looking at the VA hunting guidelines, it is apparent that the VA Horse Council left off some hunting days on the calendar.  There is a spring squirrel season that runs into June and also a few other days that were missed throughout the calendar. 

*I do support hunting and I understand and agree with its need.  I just want to be able to enjoy the forest as well. 


Report from All Things Krista

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