2 Lanes of Bending Poles

I posted a few weeks ago about getting bending pole bases for our local Blue Ridge Games.  https://blueridgepony.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/games-equipment-for-the-not-for-profit-group/ 

Since then I have been working on getting the poles that go into the bases, painting them, and then assembling the poles into the bases. 

I already had a bucket of blue paint I picked up last summer to paint the balloon boards.  I figure it will be the unoffical, official, Blue Ridge Games equipment color. 

I got the poles painted in blue two weekends ago.  Which took a lot more time than one would think. 

Next I added some yellow electric tape to the poles, in a candy cane like fashion.  I think this really made the poles look a lot fancier.  Side note, the electric tape did not stick to the painted poles nearly as well as I expected.  I wonder how well it will hold up over time and in weather.  I suppose we will see! 

Once the tape was applied the poles were ready for the final step, screwing into the bases. 

Yesterday, Rich helped me finish the process by screwing two screws per base into the poles.   It only took a few minutes, and then they were done! 

Now we have two lanes of five poles, assembled, loaded into my trailer, and ready to go to the first practice of the year this coming Sunday!  Wooo! 

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