Simon VS the Skunk Round 2

Sunday I hosted a mounted games clinic and open practice.  I was packed and ready to roll in advance and Sunday morning I just need to grab Simon out of the field and load him in the trailer.  When I went into the barn yard to get him, I was greeted by the reek of skunk.  And an adorable pony, standing with his eyes squinted partially closed and tear streaks down his face. 

Skunked right in the face. 

I washed his face with pony shampoo and got some of the crunchy skunk spray out.  He opened his eyes wider after that.  Unfortunately the skunk spray was so strong that some of it ran down my arms and I was also lightly skunked. 

I was on a schedule so we loaded up and pulled out.   

Because the spray was on his face, I decided not to use the peroxide/baking soda mix  and instead stopped at Petsmart and picked up some de-skunk wash which I used liberally and repeatedly upon arriving at the clinic/practice grounds. 

It significantly helped.  But it was still like riding in a skunk bubble.  Simon was also not in the best mood.  He was itchy and kept trying to roll and rub his face on other ponies. 

I hope he learned his lesson this time.

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