Simon Likes to Lead Himself

Simon is a mouthy pony.  He likes to chew on things, pick things up, grab brushes and crops, bite on his reins, grab the other ponies on his teams reins and breastplates and nibble on my shirt.  It’s sometimes annoying, and sometimes endearing.  If I am adjusting something and he is standing near a barrel or any equipment he instantly grabs whatever he can and he really loves to walk around with a crop hanging out of his mouth.  If we are just leisurely riding around the ring and we walk within reach of a games flag sticking out of a cone, he has to try and grab it and carry it around with him. 

One of his most repeated mouthy habits is to grab his reins when we are walking.  He does it every day.  I don’t correct him, which I probably should, because he doesn’t damage the reins, and he has an inquisitive playful personality that I do enjoy, so I don’t want to punish him for being himself, unless it’s a problem. 

I like to think he is leading himself around because I usually drop the reins and he follows me around the field while I set up everything, holding his reins in his mouth.

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