Peanut Butter Guest Book

On my April 1st ride, (which I blog about here, I  noticed a peanut butter jar hanging under the picnic table at the midway point. 

I hopped off Simon and went over to check it out.  I expected to find a geo cache but turns out it was a neat ‘guest book’ for people on the trail. 

Someone had placed it there at the very start of the year, with a few pencils and some paper stapled into a note book.  There were over a dozen entries already.  I read through all of them with Simon lipping at the paper and the picnic table.  It was really neat to read other peoples brief entries about their day on the trail. 

I added my own entry, with Simon trying to grab the pencil, and sealed it back up in the jar.  Simon tried to grab the jar while I dug around in the saddle bag and got ready to get on our way. (no worries, he did not damage it in anyway)

It is a pretty cool idea.  Maybe I’ll make an effort to put out a few jars at good rest points along other trails. 

Daisy is already cleaning out PB jars for the effort.

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