I have been busy getting in lots of ride time, and have a couple adventures to write about.  But to hold you over until I actually get time to compose these posts, here are some photos of Simon and I at MGAA Mid-Atlantic #1 at PG Equestrian Center the weekend of April 28th. Photo credits to Ryan Crowley who is kind enough to share his art and include Simon and I in it.


Photo: R Crowley

Simon and I taking it easy in the Bottle Shuttle Race.  We are picking up that bottle from the top of the barrel as we turn around it.

Photo: R Crowley

Simon and I in the Litter Race.  We ride down the field, turn around the litter and scoop one up with the stick, then ride back towards the start, dropping the litter into a waste bin.  The litter are old style water bottles with the ends cut off.  Its much harder to do that it appears.

Photo: R Crowley

Simon and I completing the 4-Flat Race.  We had collected a colored flag, and need to slide it into a small slot that matches the color of the flag.

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