Jealous Pony

Last week I posted about Simon’s new toys.  Which he does seem to be playing with frequently.  Everyday since then I have had to go find the blue ball that I leave on the ground for him.  Some days I find it in one direction, other days it has been left in another part of the field and a few times I have found it on the other side of the fence.  I have only caught him one time in the action of actually playing with the Lick It and hanging horse ball but I do think they get a lot of action as well.

Caught in action playing with his hanging toys.

I plan to hang the ball on its own down from the Lick it so its two toys hanging.

Over the weekend my husband and I were giving Simon some attention and we had the dogs in the field with us. Simon enjoyed the attention and chased the dogs a little, in total enjoyment.  He made a point of showing off for Rich, in typical Simon style.  The fun had about ended and we were about to feed Simon and head on out of the field when Ash, my husband’s Australian Cattle Dog noticed the hanging horse ball.

Ash has his own horse balls in his dog yard, and his ball obsessive mind went into drive and Ash was all over that ball.

Mean while Simon trotted around the side of the barn, and saw Ash playing with his toys.  He went from fun playful pony, to pissed off, get off my toys pony.  Simon aggressively chased the dogs off, sliding alternatively up to me and Rich, shaking his head and spinning off to the dogs again, keeping himself firmly between his toys and them.

Hilarious, it was.

After a little more action, Ash stopped for a quick dip in the water troth, and out of the field he went, so Simon could settle enough to eat his dinner.

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