Prison Pony?

I always pick on Simon when he is in a closed in stall.  I tease, “Simon’s in jail” and giggle at him.  Simply silly, I know.

Our stall at MA2

But really, Simon would love to live in a stall part time.  Particularly if he were at a busy barn with a half door so he could stick his head out and get attention all day long.  He just eats up attention.

For the most part he is pretty tidy in a stall, keeping his poo in one corner.  But he does love to paw up a flake of hay, into a perfectly strewn mess all over the stall and pee in it.  Then of course he has no interest in eating it and swears starvation.

To remedy this I hang a hay bag to help keep his hay palatable which has mostly worked.  although at MA2 just a few weeks ago when he had to stay in a stall, he ripped his hay bag down two times.  the first time I am unsure how he did it as the snap was still solidly in place.  The second time he managed to rip the D ring the snap attaches to off the bag.  Luckily that is something I can fix easily with my saddlery sewing machine.

Regardless, in a paddock or in a stall, Simon has a busy mind that needs to be occupied.  Maybe his Lick It will travel with him now?

* Genevieve makes us fantastic stall cards.  You can see Simon’s in the photo above. *

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