Playful Pony

Last weekend Rich helped me move my games equipment around and set it up differently for practice.  This involved us driving our little truck around the field, dropping off and picking up equipment, setting up new stuff, and picking up old stuff.

The dogs were with us and Simon was a bit uncharacteristically cautious at first.  He stood up by the barn whinnying to us, but he finally gave into his urges and galloped down to see what mischief he could get into.

He pulled stuff out of the back of the truck, he knocked over cones and pulled flags out of them right after we set them up.  He chased the dogs and knocked over barrels and walked off with the bottles from on top of them.  Usual Simon games.

When we were done we needed to drive back out of the the field, by cutting through the big field.  Rich drove and Simon trotted along keeping pace with the truck.  Once we hit the big field Simon ripped off, tail held high, snorting and showing us what kind of speed and spunk he has.

For anyone that has observed Simon’s lack of speed in the games ring, please do not be fooled, the pony can move some hoof.

When we reached the top and needed to drive out of the field Simon stuck his head in the truck and tried to grab things out of the cab, including the seat covers.  He stood in front of the truck, blocking it from moving and pushed the side mirrors with his head.  He really did not want his new truck friend to leave.  But eventually the promise of dinner over came his playfulness and he followed me to the barnyard shaking his head and nipping at my pockets to urge me along.

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