Early Morning Ride – 2012

It has gotten hot here in Virginia so I decided to start riding before work to try and beat the heat. I got up just after 5am yesterday and again today, and Simon and I got in a good ride both mornings.

Yesterday it was still crisp and fresh with dew on the ground. A perfect morning.

This morning the humidity and an additional wave of heat had rolled in and it was already in the 80s. Gross hot. And the sun wasn’t even shinning down yet.

Do my eyebrows always look like that?

I normally ride after work, when it’s hot and I am tired and worn out and my body is dragging. So it was nice to get my blood flowing and do something I enjoy to start my day. I arrived at work feeling fresh and awake and had a smile on my face.

I think Ill try to keep riding in the mornings while it is hot, and the sun is up early enough.

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