The 12.5hh Ad Anomaly – 2012

I am currently fully invested in a pony shopping endeavor.  I am looking for a pony that fits my very specific criteria.  The pony needs to be 13.1-13.3hh, with a solid build, a gelding, level headed ,etc.  And to make the search just that much more challenging, I am searching in the oh so exclusive $500 range.



Luckily the market is in my favor being a bad economy and going into fall and hay feeding season.

Most people buy ponies for kids, and want them already finished and ready to safely pack their kid around.   But I prefer a pony that is green broke, and that has either ‘needs miles’ or the tag line ‘finish your own way’ in its ad.  This means the pony won’t come with issues that need to be retrained (hopefully) and I can finish its training to my own preferences.

So with all these advantages on my side, I am fully submerged in the adventures of pony shopping.

One of the ad quirks I see frequently when shopping in the next to free price range is the pony listed as 12.5hh.  Say what?

Does the seller think that a hand is 6 inches?  So does that mean the pony is really closer to 19hh? nah, not possible.  Did someone else tell the person that their pony is 12.5hh?  Was the seller told the pony was 12.3hh and they forgot and knew it was 12 something so they figure 12.5 sounds good?

errrrrrrrrr, thats the sound of my mental breaks screeching to a complete halt.

I am searching for a very specific size that only gives me a 3 inch range in height.  If the seller doesn’t see a problem with listing a pony for sale that is 12.5hh, then clearly, there is no way they are going to be able to properly measure a pony and accurately tell me if said pony fits into my 3 inch height range.

No pony is 12.5hh.

Image clipped from a craigslist ad





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