Awesome For Sale Ad Photos – 2012

Pony shopping continues.  I currently have four ponies I am following up on.

I am hoping to go see one or two of them this weekend and maybe go to the small monthly Orange horse auction.  Which will be a total long shot but fun.

While looking at ads, I have noticed the lack of some sellers ability to provide helpful photos.  Not everyone is a photographer, and not everyone has an eye for what a buyer might be looking for specifically in a horse.  I get that, and have become accustomed to the bad angles and super closeups of rumps and heads and images with the legs cut off.

One of the oddities that gets me is when someone posts multiple photos all of the horse from the same side and angle.  They are virtually the same photo.  Very helpful.

But I am still annoyed by the tiny little thumb nail photos taken on older cell phones.  They get even smaller when you open them up.

The horse that is far off in the distance in a field, usually in a mixed herd is another of my favorites.  Or the ever so helpful horse with it’s head turned the other way.

Here are some of the bad shots I ran across yesterday in my search.

The horse on the left is the one for sale.

Certainly not the worst photo, but couldn’t they get one in focus?

The classic mixed herd photo. Super helpful.

I actually like this photo, but not for pony shopping.


very helpful angle

The ant on the horizon, awesome.


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