International Mounted Games Promotional Video

November 20, 2012

In the 1990’s I rode for the United States Mounted Games Association.  I got to travel and ride on fantastic teams, in near a dozen different countries over a several year period.  I cannot express what fabulous experiences I had, and how important these adventures were to me, or how they helped develop the person I am today.  So I won’t even try.

Today I am mostly involved with MGAA, and although I have taken part in a few USMGA competitions in the past few years, I have very minimal interaction with the USMGA and have kept my feet on US soil.  I still feel its fantastic that the United States is part of such an amazing organization as the International Mounted Games Association.  IMGA has grown its nation membership, and the riding, and the ponies, as always, continue to reach new calibers. I still have a strong love and respect for the amazing organization IMGA is.

MGAA – Mounted Games Across America, dominates the US for national membership, and has taken mounted games to a new level for US riders, reaching out and opening its arms to riders of all ages, levels and backgrounds.  MGAA’s budding international presence is limited and newly found, just announcing last week its first international opportunities for members, which start in April of 2013.  This is a huge step for the relatively new organization, and I am proud and nervous for MGAA all at the same time.  And While MGAA is able to now offer international opportunities, USMGA still holds the nation’s title and ties to IMGA.

A little complicated, and clear as mud, mounted games is a fantastic sport.  And if you have the opportunity to try it out in the US with MGAA or USMGA, or internationally with a different mounted games branch, it is well worth the effort and time.

IMGA released a promotional video, hitting the cyber world today, that well represents IMGA as well as mounted games as a whole!  It is well made and fantastic to watch.  I was excited to see the presence of three MGAA members, who also ride for the USMGA team, as well as many faces from my beloved and memorable tenure as a team member of USMGA in the 90s, all in the video.

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