Simon is Kicked Off the Team

November 28, 2012

Another Post with no photos (insert sad face).

This past weekend was Thanksgiving, and there was a small individual games competition in Mount Airy, Maryland, at Taylormade Stables, near my parent’s house.  So Simon, Daisy and I went up to my parents Thanksgiving morning and stayed for a few days.  I’ll spare you the non-pony details and skip right to the competitions.

It got cold the day of the competition.  Something like 30 degrees colder than the day before, plus massive winds kicked in to make it just that much more cold out.  But us games people, we truck through it all, and there was a fantastic turn out for the first Taylormade Winter Games Series Individuals.

One of the best parts about mounted games is the family like social aspect.  Most people involved in the sport know each other, and have a deep respect and strong connection with each other.  Some of these people I have known for over 20 years, and I love that I still have a relationship with them. So as typical, I spent a few hours helping set equipment and socializing with friends before it was time for me to tack Simon up for our turn in the ring.

When I did get him all ready to ride, and lead him toward the ring, he started to buck, rear and carry on behind me.  It was like having a kite back there flipping around on the string.  Although showing spunk on the lead line is out of character for Simon, him throwing in a few light bucks and a few small leaps at the start of a ride is not that out of the ordinary.  It has never lasted more than a few minutes, and is generally on the silly, non-threatening level.

But this weekend Simon took his silliness to a new level.  Two friends, Mitchell and Jessie, both hopped on him and he truly tried to get both riders off.  Very uncharacteristic for Simon who generally has an impeccably easy going nature.  We ascertained that he was ramped up by the wind and it was multiplied with his young age, and having had two days off at my parents house on grass.  But it was still a bit shocking to see him carry on and sustain this level of acrobatics for more than twenty minutes.

Jessie even rode him into the ring for the start of my first session and took him through the first few races.  She lined him up at the start, along with the other ponies, and it was like watching a switch flip.  Simon went from hot, to not.  Jessie swapped out with me and I continued the session, at a ridiculous non racing speed.  I kicked and I yelled and I pushed, and I flapped flags like whips, but Simon just plodded on at an even slower pace than usual.

It was so discouraging.

The outstanding excitement and general naughtiness I could handle, but the complete switch from that to the blah of a pony he turned into was just too much.

Simon has been actively playing games for two full seasons and taken part in over 25 competitions of varying levels.  Although I do feel he really enjoys it, he just does not have the drive to go fast.  He has helped me gain my confidence back and he has learned all I have to teach him.  It is time for me to move on to a new project that I can turn into a fast games pony and for Simon to have a new job playing games with someone interesting in going slower or other fun jobs outside of the games ring.

So I kicked Simon off the team.

Which means the pony hunt has gone from max, to extreme max overdrive.  I have even lifted the restriction of ‘gelding only’ to include mares.  EKKK now that means business!

I have two auctions lined up to attend and one pony I am going to try next weekend.  Wish me luck!

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