The Hard to Catch Pony Part 5

Yesterday Cooper was very easy to catch.  It took under a minute for me to get a hold of his rope and bring him in.

Today I arrived and his halter and rope were not on him.  Luckily the smaller second halter I had left on under the breakaway halter and rope was still on.  When I went to retrieve him, he walked towards me, nickered, stopped and allowed me to walk up to him and take hold of his halter.  No fuss.

The constant reward of cookies, and only getting to eat grain when he is caught, sure has worked well.  I hope this training will transfer to Lindsey when she picks him up this Sunday.

After I finished my barn chores I went looking for the halter and rope.  It was no where to be found in his section of the field.  So I started looking in Simon’s, and sure enough, there it was, fully in tact and completely in Simon’s field about 10 yards from Cooper’s.  This pretty much clarifies who was taking the halter off of Cooper.

The halter remover

The halter remover

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