MY New Pony

Yep, I found me a new pony, finally!  Woo Whoo!


He is actually a pony I checked out in early January.  He had just been backed and was extremely green.  I really liked him, good personality, the right size, good eye, but he was so green that I decided to pass and see if I could find something with a few more miles already on it.

Several times I reconsidered, but I reminded myself that I do not love lots of flat work, which a green pony needs (*Side note, all ponies need flat work, and I do put in flat work time on any pony I ride, but its not my favorite thing to do.).

Well, I am done looking.  It’s been two months since I tried this pony out, and I have not found a pony I like better.  So done.  I picked him up today!

He is a 13.2h gelding.  He was listed as a welsh/paint cross.  He is a roan paint.  I am interested to see what he looks like when he sheds out.  Right now he sort of looks like he has mud stains on him.

He was crashed out in the field when I got there to pick him up, nice and filthy.  He loaded into the trailer easily and traveled nicely back to the barn.


I spent some time brushing him up, and then I let him settle in and check out the small section of the barn yard while Cooper was in his section of the barnyard and Simon was in the big field.  I then spent about 45 minutes fitting tack to him, and he stood patiently through all of it.


When he was all settled, and I was done fussing with him, I opened the gate and let him and Simon meet.  There were no sequels or fussiness, and he let Simon herd him around the big field for a while before they settled into companionable grazing.


Currently his name is Cisco.  But that makes me and Rich both think of the restaurant food supply company.  In particular I think of giant institutional sized cans of nacho cheese with “Nacho Cheese” generically labeled on the side.  Not sure why, but that is the image in my head.  So, we may rename him.


I am not sure if the person I purchased him from would want her name in this blog, but she was fantastic and super to work with.  She was very upfront and honest too.

Before I brushed him

Before I brushed him


Simon watching from the big field

Simon watching from the big field

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