Cisco Day Two

March 15, 2013

Today I found all three ponies in the big field.  What makes this interesting is that I left Cooper in the barn yard paddock by himself.  But it appears that Simon ripped the opening clear and let Cooper out.  Cisco was also missing his halter.  I suspect this was also Simon’s doing.

Of course Simon came trotting up when he saw me.  And to say something for how far Cooper has come in the past week and a half, he followed Simon into the barn yard and nickered to me.  Cisco was not far behind but was being apprehensive of Simon.  He had a lot of slobber and a few light bite marks on him, so I suspect his apprehension was with reason.

Cooper let me put him into his paddock with no hassle.  I put Simon in the barn, and then I brought Cisco in and put him in the cross ties.  Such a sweet pony, he stood there patiently while I brushed and tacked him up.  When I lead him down to the riding field the other two boys stood watch from the barn yard.

Cisco was looky but polite.  I started off with a little lunge.  He went well to the left, a little less so to the right, and was a bit apprehensive of the whip, but all in all he was well mannered and willing.  Next I led him around the field and let him take some time to relax a bit.  Next it was mount up time.  I got on and we walked around in some circles of varying direction and size.  I incorporated a few dismounts and remounts, as well as halts and walk-ons, into our circles.  He was again, very attentive and willing.  On my final dismount I tried to step back to take a picture of him, but he immediately followed me.  So we moved this into a little follow-the-leader game.  The faster I walked the faster he walked, eager to catch back up with me.  I rewarded him with a lot of good-boys and rubs on the neck.

I really like Cisco’s quiet and kind personality.  I am looking forward to developing a bond with him, and teaching him to be a games pony from the start.  Hence all the mounting and dismounting.  I need to dig up a better bit for him.  The baucher was the only snaffle in his size I had handy yesterday.  I was happy to take note that he did not even notice the games equipment all over the field.  He was looky, but not spooked, by the chickens, the tractors, gun shots, the other ponies, squirrels and other wild and not so wild life to be seen, but not the crazy games equipment all over the place.





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