Cooper Leaves

March 17, 2013

Today Lindsey came to pick up Cooper.  We walked down to the barn together and all three ponies came running in.  I put Simon in first, and then took in Cisco.  Mean while Lindsey walked up to Cooper and slowly, but successfully caught him in under a minute.  WOO!


It started to rain lightly just before Lindsey arrived but we wanted to check out our new ponies under saddle together so we tacked up Cooper and Cisco, collectively checking the fit and making adjustments to our tack.  Then we headed down to the riding field.


Lindsey hopped on first, with me staying on the ground to take a few photos.  Cooper moves just like my elderly, but prized games pony, Osh Kosh.  Forward, head up, but not obsessively so, eager to work, ready to go.  He was fantastic for a pony that has been out of regular work and was being ridden in the rain.


I mounted up and we both rode around for a while.  Cisco was pleasing, and I was happy to note that he did not get worked up when riding next to Cooper, who was moving with purpose.


As the rain switched to sleet briefly, and then to snow, Lindsey hopped off and snapped off a few quick shots of me and Cisco, and then we hurried back up to the barn to get dried off.


We also took a few moments to measure each pony.  Simon and Cisco both came in at 13.2 1/2 and Cooper at 13h.

Then it was time to load Cooper up and send him on his way to his new home with Lindsey.  Bye Cooper!




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  1. Thank you for sharing!
    Chris Mobley


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