Kerrits Power Stretch Pocket Tight – 2013

March 4, 2013

I have these flat waist pants in black

I have these flat waist pants in black

I ride year round, including in the cold winter months.  Having on the right clothes makes all the difference in it being a pleasant (or at least tolerable) experience and it being an uncomfortable (or just flat out awful) time.  So like most winter riders, I have a few pair of winter riding pants that are fleece lined and nice and cozy. 

This winter I picked up two new pair off Tack of the Day from different days’s listings.  Both are Kerrits Power Stretch Pocket Tights.  They are nearly the same pants, fleece lined, sporting two pockets, but with slight differences.    

The Navy pair I own have a narrow waist band, with little belt loops. The waist does not always lay flat, and although comfortable, it’s more of a sweat pants waist band.  Maybe it’s just my imagination, but they do not feel as sturdy as the other pair. 

The Black pair I purchased have a wide flat waist band.  It’s designed to be left tall and flat, or flipped down for a more sporty look.  The band does not get wonky with wear and fits my roundness a bit better.  The material also feels a bit thicker and a little more sturdy. 

Both are warm, comfortable, and I tend to wear them all day long, even after I am done horsing around for the day.  But the best feature, is hands down, the cargo-esk style pockets.  They are fleece lined and nice and warm and they are big enough to comfortably and securely hold a smart phone and some horse cookies.  I have found myself on days that are just a little too warm to wear fleece pants, still opting to wear them because of the pockets. 

These are the ones with the narrower waist I have in navy

These are the ones with the narrower waist I have in navy

Best feature on riding pants ever. 

I like Kerrits brand pants in general and have a few pair of the Kerrits Performance Tights summer weight pants I wear on a regular basis.  With warmer weather rolling in I was hopeful to find this same pocket design in Kerrits summer weight pants.  But no, they do not seem to be available.  I think summer weight pants would still be durable enough to support this pocket design. 

So please please please Kerrits, put some pockets on your summer weight performance tights! 

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