Teeter Totter

April 7, 2013

Just a  little side note –  Yesterday was Simon’s 7th birthday!  And I just love that pony more and more. 

Today Carol Ann and I gave a clinic at The Saddle Doctor,  in Timberville, Virginia.  Afterwards we had a practice.  Then we tried out their teeter totter.  Simon Rocked it.  He walked right across it like it was no thang.  The second time we beefed it up by stopping in the middle after it teetered forward, backed up so it teetered back, then rode forward, teetering it again, and off then end.  That is what the video is of. 

May 12th, The Saddle Doctor is going to have a trail obstacle fun day, and me and Simon are going!

More on the clinic in a future post.



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  1. Trail Obstacle Training | Blue Ridge Pony

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