Poe Time

July 20, 2013

What time is it?  It’s Poe Time!

After MGAA Nationals and Simon’s utter failure to break beyond the speed of snail, I am redoubling my efforts with Poe.  Previously I was focused on having him ready for the spring season.  Now I am hoping to have him game by MA4 at the end of September.

To help with this effort, I had my arm twisted (it honestly did not take much force) and I am going to the Summer Sizzler on Sunday.  I did get him out to one a few weeks ago, just before Nationals, but we got rained out after four races.  So I am hooking up with Carol Ann and heading to the one this Sunday.

Then I am off to England for close to three weeks.  Which I will elaborate on in, probably the next post.  When I get back we have a competition of some sort every two weeks through October.  The first one is the very laid back Blue Ridge Games Demo that I am hosting.  I plan to take Poe to that.  Two weeks later we have the  Individuals at the Frederick Fair that Linda and I am hosting.  Again, I plan to take Poe to that.  Both of these events, the Frederick Fair in particular, are pretty wild, full of flashing lights, noise, animals and people.  If Poe can take all that, I think we will be good to go.

Two weeks after the Frederick  Fair is the next big team competition, MA4.  I am really hoping Poe will be ready for that.  Gen pointed out, that even if he doesn’t have it, at least I will be making progress.  Which is a good point.  I just don’t really want him to learn speed, before we have the rest of it all worked out.  He is a smart pony, and I want to make sure we have control and breaks before speed comes into play.  He quickly figured out litter, and already kicks Simon’s butt at that race.  I am still walking my end turn, but soon as I shift up, with my litter on stick, he picks up his canter, aimed for home.  Honestly, Simon still does not have this down completely.

Two weeks after MA4 is MA5 in Maryland.  Again, I am hoping Poe will be ready for this one too.

So when I get back from England, its all Poe.

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