MGAA is England Bound

July 21, 2013

I have recently made a few vague references to going to England.  I have sort of kept this under my hat in Blog-land but now that the trip is just a few days off, I am ready to fill you all in.

MGAA has our first ever International Games Team, traveling to England and Wales to compete.  Awesome right?  Right.  I helped setup this program, which was not without complications and setbacks, but originally was not planning to take part in the program myself.  In the end, we have a fantastic team put together, really great riders, that I could see myself spending a few weeks working and traveling with, so I decided, heck yeah, and Coach Krista signed up.

We will spend our first week in the New Forest in England training, and then travel to Wales for the Welsh Championships.  The following weekend we will be taking part in the Cock of the North competition.  And we will fit in some fun touristy stuff in between.

I’ll spare you readers any of the lead up or set up process, it would be absolutely unfun to read about.  But, we leave on Friday, and assuming the riders are ok with it, I plan to post a few blogs from the road.  Also assuming I can manage the WordPress app on my phone.


Some of the team gear and MGAA stuff we are taking with us.  The packing pile is growing!

Some of the team gear and MGAA stuff we are taking with us. The packing pile is growing!

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