Day 3 – Guest Blog – Megan

July 29, 2013

This is a guest blog by team member, Megan.

Greetings blog readers! Here goes my blogging virginity.

I started today a little less zombie like. I had the other Half of Julia’s bagel and some seltzer lemonade.

After getting ready I wasn’t really sure where we were going but we wound up at Bournemouth. We went to Primark, which is like a TJ Max combined with Forever 21. The purpose of this shopping adventure will be revealed at a later time.

Four of us riders made Krista nervous with our gremlin looking faces and lack of speech. She didn’t realize it was past out feeding time.

She revived us with a meal of the infamous British fish and chips which we ate with our toes in the sand along the English Channel.

We continued our journey with a walk through the Bournemouth gardens. And then stopped at an interesting party store on the way home.

Once we got back we tacked up and went on a hack through the forest, attempting to avoid the crab flies (unsuccessfully), and made a pit stop along the way at the local pub. It’s interesting how horse friendly the area is, they even had a hitching post in the back.

When we got back a really awesome mini games practice. Things were going quite smoothly. Krista put us through some drills, one took Leah a few extra minutes to understand.

After practice Annie and I made chicken stir fry for dinner and ended the day with a quick team meeting.

If the first three days have been this exciting I an only imagine how the next two weeks will unfold.














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