Day 4

July 30, 2013

Day four was another fantastic day in the New Forest. It started off rainy so we slept in a little late and then Leah made us egg sandwiches before we headed out for some sight seeing.

We stopped at Scatts, which is an agriculture store and is sort of like a Southern States. We picked out a tou for me to take home for my dog Daisy, who I am missing incredibly. And then we headed to nifty town who’s name is evading me at the moment. Lym-something.

It was really neat with older buildings and some cobblestone streets that ended at a harbor. There were a lot Of neat shops to check out. And the girls helped pick me out a shirt and a scarf to accessorize it with. They are so good to try and make me more cool and fashionable.

While we were there we hit up the bank and did a little people and duck watching at the boat dock. We also wondered through a cemetery that was behind a church and marveled at the history and age of this country compared to our own.

On the way home we made a stop at the grocery store which was interesting and entertaining to do in a group of six.

When we got back we made some frozen pizza for a late lunch and then mounted up for practice.

It quickly became obvious that the ponies and the riders were tired and it was not the best practice. Although, in general, the vaulting showed a lot of improvement.

While we were slowly muddling through practice the Denmark party arrived. This included our other host, Juliet’s brother Rob, his daughter Emma, Irishmen, Collin and Mark, as well as New Zealander, Jasmine.

Rob came out and met the girls and at the end of practice I introduced them to Collin Carson, who will be giving them a clinic on Thursday. Score!

After the ponies were put up we all headed up to the Rising Sun pub for dinner. I had fish pie, which was amazing. I’ll have to try making it at home.

We enjoyed chatting and eating and then returned to our home and settled down for the night. Which seems to take a lot longer than expected.

Tomorrow the ponies have the day off but we are getting up bright and early for the New Forest Show. It sounds like it is going to be awesome!











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