First Clip of the Year

October 3, 2013

As a quick recap, the competition, MA4, last weekend was amazing. I’ll post on that later when I get some of the photos sorted. I am also working in rebitting Poe, but will reflect on that later as well.

Today I am commenting on the clip jobs I do last night. Poe is pretty fluffy already. And he has the softest, finest hair, but it’s making him sweat and pretty soon it’s going to be too chilly to host that downy off after a ride.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from him but he was a pro. He stood nicely ground tied while I gave him a modified hunt clip. I did the lower half of his neck, around and down his chest. It included a diagonal along his side to the very top of his back leg and under his belly.

He looks pretty nice clipped up too. Although I might need to straighten the line at the top I his neck.

Simon was his normal self, which I a bit weird about clippers. He stood and wiggled his skin where ever I was working. So I just did the neck and cheat part of him for now. I’ll eventually reclip him like Poe is when I start trail riding him heavily this winter.



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