Poe’s Bridle! – 2013

September 9, 2013

I fitted Poe into his very own bridle today. He looks great in it and it fits him so well.

I also ordered a crupper for him. It is a split crupper that is designed to hook to both sides of the saddle. But stupidly, English saddles only have hooks on the one side. Stupid tradition. But it will work great on my trail saddle and I can just hook both pieces to the tail of my English saddle. But I tried a little modification to help the crupper give additional stabilization first. Just to see if it worked.

I put a D saver on the top of the back billet strap on each side above the billet guard. Then I hooked the crupper ends to the D savers and tucked them under the cantle of my saddle. It worked surprisingly well. Much better than I expected actually.

Hilariously when I was fitting the crupper, I should have tightened my girth and put on my breastplate first. When I was done I noticed my saddle was rather far back.

And did I mention that Poe was amazing tonight? He was totally on. Stop, turn, go, stand. He was a champ. I love this pony!








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