January Cub Run 2014

January 12, 2014

Today I loaded up Simon and the dogs and went up to Cub Run/Runkles Gap. I parked about a mile up the road and jumped onto the purple trail. It goes for about a quarter mile and then the next 3/4 mile is a rather steep rock scramble to the top of the mountain.

Simon showed his usual mountain goat abilities and trucked on up the mountain, climbing rocks like a pro. The view from the top is amazing. There is really no justice in a photo but I snapped one off anyway. I love the Blue Ridge.

Part of this area burned a year or two ago, adding to the already existing diversity in terrain. You can see this in some of the photos.

Later, we were coming down to the road, and two large wreckers were towing a truck down the road. Simon whinnied excitedly to the trucks, followed by several more whinnies. He got all peppy, and when we got onto the road, Simon wanted to run after them. So I let him have his head and we galloped down the forest road, with Simon whinnying his heart out. Eventually Simon began to flag and we slowed to a walk and let the trucks pull away from view. It was too funny.

It was a fantastic day and an awesome ride.












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