TBT – 1/16/14

January 14, 2014

This is a photo from in the fall sometime around 1995 or 1996 time frame. This is the morning after I bought Osh Kosh. I got him at Eylers Horse Auction in Thurmont, Maryland.

He no-saled at $600, which was higher than my bid. Afterward I spoke to his seller, who was a few sheets past the wind by that time, and asked how I could purchase him. The owner was down from Rhode Island and was headed back the next day and not willing to work anything out.

I hung around a while longer and was just pulling out of the yard when the owner stumbled out into the rain and stopped me. He said he had purchased too many horses and did not have room to take Osh Kosh back with him.

I assured him I would be back in an hour with my $400 and my trailer. I called my mom on my way and asked her to please hook up the trailer.

Trailer in tow, and a box of $400 in rolled quarters, we made the drive back. We handed over the box, put my pony in the trailer and drove home. At 2am we unloaded Osh Kosh and he has been with us ever since.

The next day we took him to Frederick Pony Club, of which we were members, so I could try him through some games. He was born for the sport. We started by trotting up through the line of bending poles and were galloping back through them. He just kept getting better from there.

I competed on him for about 15 years. My sister also rode him, he traveled to Canada several times, was used in games try outs and camps, and by many pony clubbers without a pony of their own. He also helped me come back from a major riding injury and now in his late 20s/early 30s he is leased out to a pony club family and living in luxury.

He is one of those special ponies.


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  1. Such a great story. Osh Kosh is a lucky pony!


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