Ireland Day 3

April 18, 2014

Guest blog by Eliza

Today in the morning, after finishing barn work, we rode all the ponies and got a games clinic from Mark Devitt. Next, we took a 2-3 hour car ride to the Aillwee Cave. In the car we saw multiple small towns and if you blinked you would miss them! In one of the towns, we saw Gypsies!

The cave is beautiful! There was a water fall that went from the top of the cave to the bottom. There was also, BEAR BONES. The bones where from European Brown bear that went extinct 1,000 years ago in Ireland from deforestation and European hunters!

Also, on the first day we saw a Carol Ann look like walking through a small town.

To follow all that we stopped off at the really stunning The Cliffs of Moher! We took lots of photos and walked along the paths that looked over the drop/edge! We came to an old building like a small castle that was very cool! We stopped for a rest there and took pictures with the team and cliffs!

We then carried on to the end where we saw adorable lambs and sheep which ate the grass on the very edge giving us all a heart attack! Finally after regrouping and walking all the way back, we were off again in the car back home.

We saw signs for “Obama’s ancestral heritage town”. And then we stopped off on the way for gas and food and rushed home for a delicious meal cooked by our host mom! Yummmm….

The dinner was amazing! We had home raised pork and home grown veggies. All topped off with outstanding gravy. This was a traditional Ireland dinner and could not ask for a better host family!






















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  1. Carol Ann

     /  April 18, 2014

    I have relatives in your area, so my look alike may be more familiar than you think! I also visited New Grange and Cliffs of Mohr when there! Very pretty. Your trip sounds like a blast and I am totally jealous!


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