Ireland Day 4 – 2014

April 19, 2014

Guest blog by Aidan

This morning we woke up to hear Eliza and Emma had waken up early to corral the ponies back to their paddocks. Already a great start to the morning.. Then we went straight in for a frosted flakes and Nutella breakfast of champions.
Next was straight off to Rock of Dunnamaze, the local Portlaoise castle ruins. The Devitts had a castle in their backyard basically… After a quick 10 min drive consisting of a young boy around the age of 3 controlling passing cows with a large stick, we hopped out of the van to investigate the ruins.
Jill and Gen got loads of pictures of the beautiful ruins and countryside. Everyone else also enjoyed climbing and the view. Even Krista and Ms. Lauren got some good climbs and pictures in.
Afterwards we headed to Ann Devitt’s (marks mom’s) family’s restaurant in Portlaoise. We all had a great lunch and some simply AMAZING gluten-free chocolate cake. And a surprise appearance from Emma’s dad, Mr. Rob Lockyer. Also we got some antique shopping down for gen and all hit a tack store down the road. we cleaned out the store buying everything from five points to bits and tack cleaner to halters.
Then, we headed straight back to the house to tack up ponies. We hacked to Stradbally showgrounds for the competition with Marks cousins Andrew and Graham.
Meanwhile ms Lauren was following us in the van were hauling the caravan and the Devitts hauled the caravan for sleeping and lowery for marks pony and sleeping quarters. Also krista and the Lockyers brought the pens and blankets for the ponies. Everyone got to the grounds safe and sound and after some sheep chasing we got to work on starts and tyre with Rob.
Finally we Untacked and situated ponies just in time to eat pizza and fish & chips for dinner. Right before bed we got to do tentative orders and organize team equipment. Finally time for bed so we can be all pumped for the competition tomorrow! Wish us luck!

This blog was posted on a wifi drive-by of the Devitt home.








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