Ireland Day 6 – 2014

I do not have a guest blogger for day 6. All the riders have decided they have had enough blogging for this trip.

Sunday was the second day of competition with session 3 and a final. The weather was sunny, chilly and windy.

Gen started out the morning riding on her four man Open team for Cork. She rode excellently. The pony she was riding, Freddy, was no match for the speed of the division but Gen rode mistake free and enjoyed riding with her team.

Two teams joined the U17 division for
Sunday and we were split into two heats of 5 and 6. The team rode a decent morning session with few
mistakes, which proved to be their general style for the week.

Ann brought by a fantastic home cooked lunch for everyone. I am a little amazed my pants still fit after all the amazing home cooked meals she prepared for us. And let’s not even talk about desserts.

During lunch break we did some packing, socializing and swapping of MGAA gear for Irish gear.

The final sessions started up and Gen continued to perform, riding mistake free and finishing 6th.

The U17 team went into the B final as the leaders. They were a little wound up and distracted with all their new friends. And the exhaustion from all of weeks activities was showing.

They started bumpy, but got it back together part way through. They took second in their joker race, Mug Shuffle, pulled off several perfect races. They went into the last race one point behind first but had a minor slip up and tired for second. The tie breaker was two flag, which had proved to not be their best race earlier in the competition. They did ride Two Flag much better than previously but it was not enough and they finished a very respectable third.

The week of perfect weather slipped up and it started to rain during the awards. Aw shucks. We rushed through a quick pack up, sending the Lockyer family including teammate Emma, off to catch their ferry. And we all made out way back to the Devitt’s house.

Ann greeted us with another amazing dinner, and we had a our last social evening, with some new Irish friends stopping by to join in.

We packed the van and after a short sleep we headed to the airport at 4am to make our flight home. I am writing this while make our way across the Atlantic and I am beyond ready for a nap.

The entire trip was amazing. We found the Irish to be exceptionally friendly and welcoming. The country is gorgeous, clean and gorgeous. What an awesome opportunity.

We are extremely grateful, and truly hope to return the opportunity to some of our new friends.

I will post some photos into another post in the near future. :0)



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