Day 7 – Castles and Zoos – 2015

August 19, 2015
Guest blog by team member Elise 
We got up at 7:30 and mucked the stalls, fed, and watered the 3 ponies we had here. Mrs. Lockyer graciously went and picked up two more ponies today, to complete our set. We decided to go back from Wales to England, to the Bristol zoo. We had a wonderful day at the zoo! Some of the favorite exhibits were the lions, the seals, and the butterfly exhibit. In the seal exhibit, you can walk through a viewing tunnel to watch the seals swim right over you! They were even spinning and swimming upside down. 

Some of the kids went on a high ropes course. It was cool to watch half of the team, navigate the zip lines, hanging logs, and other tricky obstacles. 

After the zoo, we traveled to Ragland Castle.  It was so interesting to see the welsh ruins, including the moat, and the dungeon! Later that night we took our first ride on the ponies. I personally really enjoyed Foxy, he was quick and I agreed with him very well. Kaja immediately clicked with Holly, a smaller refined bay. They make an amazing pair! Coltin and Jaycee both switched ponies often, but rode each pony very well. Bella rode the ponies very well, but will most likely be suited for our fifth pony who is arriving at the competition. We had a delicious dinner cooked by Mr. Lockyer, and then we settled down for the night. 

Today was so much fun, I can’t wait to see what’s next! 
****more photos to come.  They wouldn’t all load on here****





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