Day 8 – More Tack Shops (and rain) – 2015

August 20, 2015 

***quick note. We are posting additional photos to our Facebook page ***

Guest blog by team member Bella 
This morning we woke up at 8:00 am! (We were supposed to get up at 7:20 but Kaja, Jaycee, Elise and I might hit snooze a few times.) Once we were up and moving all of us took a trip to another tack shop because we had to get 2 more stirrup irons and leathers. We drove about 30 minutes to Chepstow, Wales to Ride and Stride tack shop. (Let me just say the ride there was filled with lots of group singing.) 

We only found 1 pair Composite stirrups at the first tack store so we went to another one that was 30 minutes away from Ride and Stride. 30 minutes later we arrived at John Ayers tack shop. There we found more stirrups irons and leathers. 

After we got what we needed from the store we proceeded to drive to St. David’s where we went around the shops. We went into Jack Wills where Coltin bought something for his Nan. (Shoutout to Nan Mcbain). We also walked into a few more clothing shops. We finally found a store called Rossiters which we all adored. It was almost like a Hallmark and Pier 1 Imports on steroids. After we got some gifts for our loved ones we went home to the Lockyers. 

We waited around for about 45 minutes for the farrier to come to do the ponies feet. We got Holly, Skippy and Foxy’s front feet shoed and trimmed all around. Once they were all finished with their feet we took the ponies out for a hack. 

Emma lead us some crazy way where we had to run through a large amount of stinging nettle. THANK GOD none of us got it but it was definitely an adventure! When we got home from the hack we went to dinner at Cripple Creek Inn which was filled of giggles and American stereotypes. 

On the drive home we saw a hedgehog crossing the road. Kaja, Elise and myself all jumped out to try and catch it. I tried to grab it as it ran in (what I hadn’t realized) was stinging nettle! As soon as we shut the door of the car Alicia, Coltin, Krista, Jaycee and Emma thought it would be hilarious to drive away. So Elise, Kaja and I all sprinted up the road to try and catch the car! Kaja mad it because she was ahead of us. But then they drove some more and Elise and I were still sprinting to the car – finally we got in and headed home. 

Tonight consisted of a lot of packing for this weekend and hearing Alicia talk to her beloved puppy Cricket over FaceTime. It was a great day and I can’t wait for tomorrow! 

  ***the photos will not load here. I’ll post them on our blog’s Facebook page ***


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