Trail Report – Antietam Battlefield, Boxing Day ride 

February 10, 2017 

A little late but this was a cool ride and I still have some photos in my phone. The day after Christmas, my sister, Kerri and I took Simon and Poe and met up with Lindsey and her pony Will at Antietam Battlefield in Maryland.  

The we site supplied parking instructions, which. Is a field across the street from the visitor center.  Basically horses are allowed on the paved road, drive through your route, and limited fields.  Which was a little disappointing.  But it was still a really neat ride.  There were ample things to look at including Statues, monuments, signs, and even cannons you could walk right up to.  

The three of us really enjoyed ourselves and all three ponies were fantastic.  It was a neat ride.  

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  1. Their website says there’s two trails horses can ride on. Final Attack and Snavely’s Ford. They’re down near Burnside bridge area. I am going on Sunday hopefully!


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