Trail Report: Blue Hole / Grove Hollow 

February 17, 2017 
Another amazing sunny day in the 60s, perfect for another trail ride. Last weekend I drove out to Bluehole near Bergton, Virginia, and drove out and parked at Hollow Grove fire road. 
It was being logged (does not appear to be anymore but the sign is still up at the closed gate) so the road in is in great condition. I drove in over all four cattle guards and parked in one of the two circles by the closed gate.  
Someone had built a fort out of mattresses to the side of the parking. Disappointing.  
I went past the gate and headed up the road. The three logging areas to the right looked complete, the roads into the area even have little berms put in. I am so going to have to check out those areas in the future. It looks like the clearing goes up to a ridge and I bet the view is fantastic. I also passed a few nondescript trails, some just trails and others appearing to be trails on old logging roads. I went down one that was in a clearing to the left. It headed down and was surprisingly clear and passable but begin to get narrower and steep so I turned around. 
Hollow Grove turns off to the left but the road continues ahead and becomes 302 Rocky Spar. I continues up this way. Rocky Spur runs along the ridge and the views to the left are amazing. Nothing you can clearly catch on film, and there was a screen of trees between the fire road and the view. At one point you can see the road way ahead and to the left as the ridge wraps around. I did not go that far and instead turned around at another well defined fire road branching off to the right.  
302E Martins Lick, is on the right side and angles down. I turned around at the open gate and headed back towards the trailer instead.  
A little way before turning around I found an antler shed on the ground. Very exciting. 
There were hoff prints along the fireroads and some old pony poo. There is a lot to explore and the roads are good riding. Maybe a bit sunny in the summer. That’s a guess. I am looking forward to checking out this area more.  

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