Trail Report: Blue Hole -I found the loop! 

February 18, 2017 

I often see fresh horse tracks going in but not all come back out.  And I have been unable to completely follow them to figure out how they are looping back out.  Today that changed.  There were several sets of tracks since I was there last weekend, but there was specifically one very fresh set.  Maybe from earlier in the day or maybe the day before, and these tracks went in and not back out.  So I followed them.  And they were fresh and plentiful enough to actually follow.  

Backing up.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to explore or if I wanted to ride out today.  So I started off checking out a little side trail that pops out to the right, almost immediately after passing the closed fire gate.  It is on the first bend in the road and follows the creek. It’s pretty easy to see, was pretty clear and pleasant. I bet it’s gorgeous in the spring.  There was one tree down I could get around and then when I came to a second one I turned around.  Just wasn’t feeling it. 

So back on Hollow Grove I continued until the first road split and I took the left hand turn (like those fresh tracks did).  It was pleasant and moving and eventually came to another split.  Straight on the FR, left on the FR or right onto a trail.  Some deer cut in front of us and down the right trail.  I continues straight for a bit but noticed the hooves turned around and went back to this split.  There was some logging back this way and I remember being back there at some point.  Eager to follow those tracks I turned around and headed back to the split. The tracks turned and went down the other FR (so the left branch as you came in). 

I sort of remember riding down this a few years ago but I cannot remember how far it went or I went.  The current FR is well maintained, clearly upgraded, and in some places, possibly freshly put in or cleared from when they logged.  There were a lot of amazing views and some paths through the logging fields.  I just kept going like a hound on those tracks. Eventually the nice new FR broke down to a trail in the woods.  The hoof prints kept going and I could see some older prints too.  
It was an easy trail to follow and mostly clear.  It eventually got really steep down and I did have a touch of trouble keeping on what I think was the trail. It went down and left you along the creek in a gully, with a mostly easy and clear trail that shortly popped back out on the FR right before the parking.  

I had been planning on doing a longer ride, but having found this loop was perfect.   I did slip down the trail behind the parking but just a short ways before I decided to pack it in for the day. 

The loop is probably about 7 miles without the little side tracks I took.  Lots of good views and plenty of opportunity to move out.   I want to try riding it backwards so I can better find the last little bit of the loop where it gets steep.  

It is a really good loop to move out and do some conditioning.  I would like to go and really move out on it in the future.  And I also think it will be fun to go explore those other branches on the FRs.  

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  1. Frances Zaun

     /  February 20, 2017

    Cool! What app are you using?


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