MGAA Int’l Trip 2018 – The Departure

June 13, 2018

Today is the day. I am sitting in terminal 7 at gate 5 at JFK airport with the five riders waiting to board our flight to England. Charlie kindly dropped four of us off (brave man driving home from New York in early rush hour traffic), and we met the two other riders at the gate. We will meet up with the other team manager, Emma when we get over to England.

This year’s team consists of three veteran team players, Eliza, Steph and Caroline. These three have made the trip before and know the program. I am very excited to have them manning the ropes.

They are joined by fellow MGAA riders Sadie and Fenya, who I have no doubt will both hold their own with no problem.

This is a really good team in both personality and in riding.

We will be blogging here during our trip. We will try to keep it as updated as possible. We hope you will follow our adventures and feel free to share these posts as well.

Now to wait for our plane to board ( I tend to be chronically early).

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