2018 UK trip – Day 1

June 14, 2018

The flight was normal. Good movies. I watched Black Panther, Jumaji, and The Last Jedi. Well I slept through those movies. I noticed Fenya watching Peter Rabbit.

Some airport antics video:

Our car to take us to the camper didn’t show up…

I am updating this post (at least so far) as the day proceeds. We have our ride sorted out now and are expecting our driver, Mark, shortly. The camper place forgot to book the connection and feels horrible. While we wait I am going to indulge in my first Costa of the trip.

Is my nose getting bigger?

I also swapped my SIM card while we waited. Just got to rave about the $30 for 13gb deal with unlimited talk/text. And it works in Europe too. Nice. It really beats the Verizon global $10/day plan.

in route to get the camper with our driver Mark.

This camper is so nice.

Sadie navigated for the drive to meet up with Emma.

We made it to Mel’s (with several pitstops for Krista to wake up). Wooo! And Mel got us right onto ponies.

We got to take Smokey, Gem, and Jasmina for a spin in the manage.

We kept it brief but it was fun!

Then we hurried off for a bite to eat down the road at the pub before they closed.

Steak and ale pie. Yum

we are back at Mel’s. It’s 10 and still light out. Emma is organizing everyone unpacking into the camper and I am sacking out for the night.

Tomorrow we head to The Future Stars competition.

Good night.

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