2018 UK Trip – Day 2

June 15, 2018

After a solid nights (much needed sleep) we are up and getting ready to headed out to Future Stars competition. Our hosts (Mel and Andrew’s) girls, Grace and Lilli are riding in this competition and we are going to help out. They do so much for us, as does MGAGB, that we are happy to have the chance to return the favor. I also think this will be an excellent opportunity for the team to get warmed up for the competition set up over here before we go to the one we are competing in next weekend.

A little video from out the door of our camper. One of the amazing views at Mel’s House.

There are a lot of neat things to learn about Wales. For example, all the signs are in English and Welsh. And Welsh is a rather complicated language. The kids can go to a Welsh speaking school or an English speaking school. And there is proper Welsh, which the girls are learning in school, and “slang Welsh” which Melanie says is what Andrew speaks. It also sounds very different in various parts of Wales. Last year when we were in the northern part of the country I thought the dialect sounded very melodic, almost like they were singing to each other. And in that particular area it seemed like everyone was chatting in Welsh.

A book on the kitchen table to help with school.

Today was a lot of driving to the show grounds in Newark. Not the “Newark” grounds but another grounds just a few miles away. I am whipped.


I indulged in fish and chips for lunch. Although I peeled off the friend layer and ate the fish out.

We also managed a grocery trip. Which is always an adventure.

I saw some Jam from my employer. Which was exciting. I would have missed it if the girls had not said “OMG, that is the best jam ever!” And pointed. Top shelf stuff that.

I grabbed some clotted cream and scones from the grocery store for later. Yum.

Of course we got tea too. I can’t wait.

Emma and I seem to compliment each other very well. Yesterday I drove, she organized and got everyone settled in for the night. Today I drove and she cooked and cleaned the place up.

The camper came equipped with dishes and cookware but now that it’s time to eat we can’t remember where the utensils are. So there was a little improvising necessary. (Emma is using the giant cooking spoon to eat her soup).

(Ps. Just tried the scones and clotted cream – soooo much better than I even expected. I used my finger as a butter knife because of the missing utensils).

Briefing is done and our tasks for tomorrow are assigned. It was also awesome to see so many old friends! Who would expect to get to see friends from – omg, what, 1994, 1995, 1996 time frame? (has it been that long), from other countries, and still be friends? It’s crazy! I love those ladies. And they are still the same lovely, smiling, friendly people they were then. It’s so special.

This venue is pretty special too. It’s a western facility. Which is so odd over here in the land of English riding. The cafe/bar is called “The Slide Inn”. I love it. It is all western with country music playing. You wouldn’t know it is in England except for the English breakfast menu posted.

We are all showered, the team is watching a movie, and we are settled for the night. I am about to tuck in and I just noticed that – although I grabbed a sleeping bag at random from the pile of seven matching red sleeping bags, I apparently grabbed the same one I had last year. Wild. I love when things fall out like that.

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