2018 UK Trip – Day 6

June 19, 2018

After yesterday’s driving and adventures I slept great last night. So did everyone else (which also made it possible for my good night’s sleep). We were up and ready to roll out of our camp this morning. We headed just a short ways to Harlech Castle.

It was in a really cool cliffside town and was a really neat castle. I caught some education while exploring and learned that the ocean did come up to the castle when it was built. The boat landing and Trebuchets are visible and reconstructed down the bottom (but I did not hike down. Now I wish I had). This is where the Irish brought supplies in. Back in the 1400s (or 14th century maybe) a storm formed the dunes along the coast and it pushed the ocean out. The fields in front were marsh lands until they drained them sometime ago to make more farm land.

It’s a pretty cool castle and a very neat town.

Video of castle.

Then we hit up some ice cream at The Castle Creamer. And not just any ice cream but award winning ice cream. I got a half scoop of honey and a 1/2 scoop of elderflower. It was so good. Sadie was the most adventurist and got Seabuck Thorn and Elderflower (she did not like the Elderflower). The proprietor was also so welcoming and explained the flavors. When he scooped up the honey flavor, actual honey leaked out. Yum.

Video of ice cream.

Next was driving. And more driving. And, more driving. Oh and it was almost all super narrow hedge lined roads. Up and down mountains. Through rain and clouds. Curves, more curves, hit the breaks, hedges, hit the breaks, swerve, gas up, break down, hedges. The 3 1/2 hour drive took 5 1/2 hours. We got a little video but it in no way shows how narrow the roads were. The drive exhausted me.

Video clips of the drive

But we made it back to Mel’s. Woo! I fell asleep for 10 minutes and then it was time to go ride at the Pony Club grounds! Woo!

Unfortunately we found out tonight that one of the ponies we were going to be using this weekend not longer has a ride. So we are scrambling to find a ride for it or a replacement pony. We have quite a few leads out so we are sure something will shake out.

Eliza and Sadie made us all pasta for dinner and now we are relaxing and getting ready to call it a night. The cell reception is too weak to load the photos and videos on this post so I’ll put it up in the morning when we head out to ride again! Woo!

Not at all a surprise – Caroline and Sadie are the loud, squeaky ones. Caroline in particular has the squeals and screams down. Those two could use a hamster wheel. They also do a lot of gag noises at gross sounds, smells and words. Caroline and Sadie both are a constant chatter. If they have no words they just make odd noises.

Also not a surprise – Fenya and Steph are the quiet ones. They can both get loud too, but they are no contest for Sadie and Caroline. I hear both Fenya and Steph right now while excitedly chattering while they are playing a round of cards.

Eliza falls in the middle. She doesn’t have the high pitch of the squeakers, but she is louder than sweet Fenya.

Words from Sadie:

Hi Blog! This is really Mrs Kristal Wilson Moistdoon. I would like everyone to know that Sadie is my favorite person on this plant. Amen. She is my queen 👑.

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