2018 UK Trip – Day 7

June 20, 2018

Hello Wednesday.

We woke up to a slew of messages from people trying to help us sort out a 5th pony. What a great community. We feel very embraced and supported and are extremely grateful for all the help and well wishes. Seriously, thank you guys.

And feeling loved by the games community, we were off to ride two ponies this morning (in the lovely Welsh rain). We got in a nice little practice, sorting out who fits which pony best and who fits them second best. Since we won’t be trying two of the ponies until Friday night at the competition we want to have options. From what I know of the ponies I think I have the two most suited riders in mind for them, but you never know who is going to match up with which pony the best. So options.

It was a good wet practice and by the end the 5th pony was sorted back out. Again, what a wonderful community we have in this sport. That’s a happy team right there.

And now we are about to head out to Pritchard’s Tack Shop. This is always an exciting part of the trip.

There are two tack shops we frequent on these trips and it seems one is always a hit and one is a miss and I can never tell which team will like which one. They are a good compliment to each other, one is big and fancy with newer stuff. The other is more of a maze where you have to dig around to find that diamond.

This year the big hit for Sadie and Caroline was the (free) mechanical horse.

Another quick Tesco run to prep for the weekend. Afterwards I took a mini break on WiFi to sort out why my phone was acting up. As soon as I connected it updated. Now it seems to be working fine. This was the actual reason for yesterday’s delayed blog posing (I think).

Back at Mel’s and the girls decided to wash the camper.

and then play with Tilly and Gunnar.

A little more pony riding and playing.

Grace let Eliza ride her show pony Scotty! Look at this little pony go. And only 5!

Video of Scotty

Then dinner time. Emma and I found these neat soups in Tesco. We are trying them out tonight with some Naan (they were great) And of course chicken fingers (by request) for the meat eating kids. Fenya passed on the soup and picked pizza.

The girls want their family and friends to know that Emma and I are feeding them well. They are only now resorting to eating styrofoam.

It is 10pm now, still light out and there is a screaming-running-around-craziness going on. Maybe they need to do laps up and down the driveway tomorrow?

Side note – amazing sunset.

The oven is tiny so it takes a lot of rounds to make dinner. Emma is cooking tonight.

And now for some card play. This involves slapping the table – and like most things, a lot of screaming.

Fun fact – Emma’s home town is the place Velvetta was invented. And the town was originally named Cheesecock, NY, now known as Monroe, NY. They do have a cheese festival every year.

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