2018 UK Trip – Day 9

June 22, 2018

Today we left Wales and headed to England for our competition!

Some drive time entertainment compliments of Sadie.

I also believe this was the 6th time they watched Girls Trip. I have not actually seen the movie but I think I know it word for word. It’s better than Fast and the Furious which they seem to like to watch while I drive. It makes me think I am being honked at or something is beeping or blowing up or crashing. Not the best movie for while driving.

The team went by Robinson’s Tack – not the one we usually go to, and picked up a few things. I think we prefer the one we usually go to but this one was nice too.

Then onto New Forest for Southern Champs.

While the team drove in the camper with Krista, Emma rode in the lorry with Mel, Andrew and the girls. She got in some much needed nap time.

We arrived and met up with Sian, Juliette and Maureen who are lending us Wispa. Eliza hopped on her and it was a good match. She is a lovely pony and the Lockyer clan has always been so kind at lending us ponies. Eliza and her look like a good match, and should play well together. Sian had all Wispa’s gear marked and prepared.

Next Steph tried the lovely Max the Upshall’s are lending us. Another wonderful match. He is a neat pony and our most experienced. A solid addition to the team.

I stupidly did not take any photos of the test rides.

I have not been to a competition at these grounds before but the first year I brought a team over Juliette brought us to these grounds for the New Forest Show, which to this day is one of my most memorable over seas experiences.

We said hello to some friends, lots of warm welcomes, we found our way around, and got settled in. We were also excited for showers, although there was only one.

Stupid story here – the team took turns, and I (Krista) went last. I was standing and waiting for the shower (which was sort of like a porta John) while Emma was in it and I stood behind it for a minute, just milling around and must have missed her leaving. So I waited for 40 minutes before I finally asked if everything was all right and realized she was gone. Feeling like an idiot, I jumped in (the briefing was soon) and started the shower up, got wet, soaped up, hands lathering my hair up into a nice soapy cone and the power went out, and so did the water. Boooooo. Worst shower ever. And by the time I got back my dinner was way cold and gross. So long much anticipated fish pie 😐 which later returned as indigestion.

Krista and Emma hit up the briefing and then we all sat down for a team chat and to discuss session one races and orders.

Olivia stopped by to say hello. It was so nice to see her. She rides in heat three in the morning and we are excited to watch her go! She also offered to help us out with ring crew. She is so kind and we are extremely grateful.

Then we passed around team gear (which created some silliness – duh)

These two are always silly.

(Caroline’s favorite photo I am sure)

And now we are all tucked in for an early rise tomorrow. We ride at 8:50 in our first session.

We realize this is a short post for today, but tomorrow will be longer. Today was all about moving in and getting settled here in the New Forest. Tomorrow is game on!

*Wish us luck! We are excited!*

-Fun information for today- we saw some of the wild New Forest ponies on the drive in. They wear reflective collars to help drivers see them. We are told that they round them up and sell the foals off a few times a year. We hear they go for a pretty low price, depending on their color. Sian mentioned that Wispa is a New Forest Arab cross pony. I also remember Sian’s sister’s old pony, Hattie was a New Forest pony. Maureen mentioned that they turn out a few stallions for a few weeks a year, and that they put out quality stallions to help maintain the breed, which has improved over more recent years.

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